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Thursday, April 19, 2012

See All Your Likes on Facebook

1.First log into your account and click on your name to see your Facebook Profile.

2.Now make sure you are using the new Timeline feature in order to properly see all your activity. If you have not moved to the Timeline yet, go to the link below and activate it:

3.Once the Timeline is activated, you’ll see a button called Activity Log right below your cover photo

4.Once you click on that, you’ll see a nice “timeline” list of all the activity on Facebook .

5.If you look at the top right corner, you’ll see a little drop down box with the word All in it. This means it’s showing all your activity. If you click on that, you can filter the list to exactly what you want to see! click simply select Likes and you’ll get a list of all your likes broken down by month and year
But as you can see from the list, you can also use this to quickly see all your status updates (Your Posts), all status updates from your friends, all comments you have made on Facebook, all photos you uploaded or were tagged in, and lots of other stuff.

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